Friday, July 29, 2011

There's a 1st Time 4 EvErYtHiNg!!!

HEY GUYS AND GALS :) So...here it goes...my first official post on my new blog site set out to help MoTiVaTe, InSpIrE, ChAnGe, EnCoUrAgE, and PuSh YOU to either step out of that comfort zone and into a healthier life, reassure you in your efforts as you are living that healthy life, or maybe give YOU the courage to take the same leap of faith I have and provide yourself with a sense of accountability by becoming a fellow Beachbody Coach :)

So...what do you do exactly Allyson???
Is that what you're thinking or wanting to ask right about now? Well...as a Beachbody Coach my main goal and initiative is to help others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. But even more specific, I just share my LoVe, PaSsIoN, knowledge, and undying support with those who are on a quest toward BETTER health :)

Do you work with only those who are doing Beachbody programs???
Absolutely NOT! Although alot of my TeAm is comprised of individuals who are doing fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, Turbofire, Slim in 6, etc., my #1 focus is to just help those who truly want to be helped :) With that said, I know first hand the quality, benefits, and success rate of using one of the previous listed exercise programs. Although I cannot say I have dabbled my hand in every Beachbody fitness program, I do have experience with MANY of them and can attest to the VALUE of each!

Why did you want to become a Beachbody Coach???
I honestly wanted to become a Beachbody Coach because the thought of getting to do what I absolutely L-O-V-E with those who are really and truly wanting to change their lives and get compensated for my efforts far outweighed a traditional 9-5 job anywhere else! I also want to pass this passion, energy, and love I have onto others in a way that will hopefully inspire them to continue on with their healthy lifestyle in the future day in and day out ;)

How has Beachbody changed/impacted your life???
Beachbody has opened sooo many doors for me and Michael :) Personally, it has offered me a daily feeling of reward, accountability, and affirmation that I am in the right field! I cannot tell you how many times a day my heart just smiles because of the posts, comments, and messages I receive from individuals who for whatever reason have sought me out for some type of guidance, support, or help in the areas of exercise or nutrition :) I can WITHOUT A DOUBT sit here and say I L-O-V-E MY JOB <3 and I know that each day from here on out will only get better for the sheer reason of being allowed the opportunity to help someone else change their habits, their health, and their life for the BETTER! As far as Michael is concerned, it has impacted him in a way that I cannot even really believe! We both have been gym rats our entire lives, but since Michael graduated in May of 2010 with his RN his schedule has been CrAzY with working nights, sometimes days, here, there, and all over the place! So...about a year ago Michael ordered P90X and he tackled it with about half to 75% effort. Struggling with the continual adjustments from nights to days and long 12 hour shifts that usually lasted anywhere from 6-8 days in a row, his intentions were good...but his efforts weren't near what they needed to be to get the kind of results he wanted. So...we were married in December and I had focused down into getting into the best shape I could and can honestly say I felt sooo incredibly BeAuTiFuL on that most special day :) So while I had lost several pounds at this point and felt lighter and brighter..lol! Michael had also lost several pounds, but not for the same reasons I had. His schedule at work had gotten even more intense and the stress of it coupled with not consuming enough daily nutritional eats equalled a skinnier version of Michael and not necessarily a happier version of Michael with his body. So we were HiTcHeD, moved cities, both changed jobs, and found a new house...and as I continued my weekly runs, body resistance exercises, and circuits, Michael and I both decided to tackle InSaNiTy for a new twist on things! We both felt like we were in high school basketball conditioning all over again!!! lol! Sitting down on the toilet, blow drying my hair, getting in the car, and many other daily tasks became quite theatrical to say the least ;) But the change in our bodies, the change in our attitudes, and the change for BETTER in ourselves was something inwardly occurring in an unspoken manner that elevated us both in more ways than just physical. So...up to date...Michael is currently doing P90X all over again faithfully, nutrition plan and all! And the results he is achieving are none other but AWESOME!!! He weighed around 187 when we were married and is now holding a steady 200 lbs of solid muscle that is still evolving and getting better every day :) I, however, am doing a mix of several of the different programs including P90X, Insanity, and Turbofire :) I'm also an AviD runner and still incorporate 3-5 mile runs at least 3 times each week into my schedule. Being a quite short, athletic built gal, my weight is something that seems to always immediately show when I stray to far away from where I KNOW I have to be. I'm currently weighing in around 115-117 lbs, while 1 year ago I weighed almost 10 lbs more!!! YIKES! I can honestly and proudly say though that I no longer have to fear letting this number get out of hand ;) With my Beachbody programs right in my own living room and the key knowledge/essentials when it comes to bringing a FANTASTIC nutritious meal together...I'm HOME FREE!!!

How can I get involved with Team Beachbody???
You can become a part of this INCREDIBLE company, group, and effort for change easily by going to http://www.tinyurl.com/freecoachallyson. I will then be your very own FREE Beachbody Coach :) WAHOO!!! Together we'll figure out what exercise program and approach is BEST for you! And we'll also tackle your daily eats and try to figure out what is holding you back in the kitchen ;) In addition to my help and support, you'll have access to your very own Team Beachbody account where you can set up your profile, get involved with others doing the same workouts, log in and schedule your workouts in WOWY (workouts with you), find exercise/nutrition tips and info, and be entered into a daily drawing of $500 just for signing up to be part of the Beachbody Challenge (http://www.beachbodychallenge.com/) and logging in your workouts! Now tell me what could be easier than that?!

You can also become a part of Team Beachbody by joining me in the quest to change others lives by merely supporting and encouraging them in their own fitness and nutrition goals. This decision would provide you with the "Coach" title as well and offers many incentives such as 25% off of all products from Beachbody including Shakeology, fitness programs, and other nutritional supplements. And to even further peak your interest in this business aspect of Beachbody, this endeavor would allow you to literally FIRE YOUR BOSS, pick and choose when and where you want to work, or let you add an additional income on top of your already existing income :) It is my personal goal to be a full-time Beachbody Coach by this time next year with no other jobs and the FREEDOM to be my very own boss! YES!!! If you are interested in this at all, for any of the reasons listed above, I would LOVE to talk with you more about it and show you how Beachbody can truly make your DREAMS come true!!!

Where do I go from here???
So...you've read this. You think it all sounds GREAT! But you're not quite sure if YOU are ready to commit and make this change in your life. Well this is what I have to say in response to that......WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE???????? Seriously!!! Go sign up for the FREE account and give me the privilege of talking with you and helping you get to where you really want to be :) If the only thing you lose is a few minutes of your time...I can PROMISE you that it will not be wasted! You will leave our conversation feeling EmPoWeReD, EnCoUrAgEd, and like you will have true DiReCtIoN and SuPpOrT! I am confident that we can make this work for Y-O-U!!! So what are you waiting for...go sign up!!! http://www.tinyurl.com/freecoachallyson And let's RoCk n RoLL!!!

"You can only achieve what you're willing to pursue...so let's pursue it together!!!"

Coach Allyson