Thursday, January 26, 2012

L-O-N-G Over Due ;)

Well...it's been a few months since I've wrote last to say the least! ALOT has happened (we moved), ALOT has changed (I cut all my hair off!), but yet one thing still remains the SAME :)


Eye = L-o-<3-E Health & Fitness

So why am I hopping back on here to write today??? The truth: Because I feel called, I feel pushed, and I know what good it does even for me to lay out my PaSSioNs, my struGGles, and my unWaVeRing faith and belief in what a healthier, more active, thoughtful lifestyle can do even for Y-O-U!!!

So today's thoughts come from a recent email/article I got from the infamous "nomeatathlete" Matt. His call to action is one that I so truly believe and have faith in...especially when whole-heartedly trying to make a change in your current lifestyle. So what is this motivating factor, this daily accountability unforeseen partner, and this repetitive nudge of "you can do this...look at your progress"???

It is T-R-A-C-K-I-N-G!!!

Yes...tracking your daily efforts, struggles, uphills, downhills, victories, slumps, triumphs, and mishaps. TRACK THEM :) Why is it important to do this you ask? Why can I just not approach each day with the INTENTION to do well and good and better than the day before? Why is it important that I write these stats, these emotions, these WahOO's and Oh ShOOt's down??? Well let's take a brief look into anyone who ever really made progress and notable dreams and goals come true...

Jennifer Hudson - Became a part of Weight Watchers in which you have weekly meetings, weigh-ins, and a points system that encourages healthy foods

Al Sharpton - Took on the mantra "You live 7 days a week...so you should exercise 7 days a week!"

Mariah Carey - Became a part of Jenny Craig (quite similar to Weight Watchers, but you only eat Jenny Craig's "prepared" meals)

Jonah Hill - Solicited the help of a personal trainer and nutritionist

I'm NOT giving you these well-known celebrity examples to encourage you to do Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or to feel as though you must hire a personal trainer or expert dietician or nutritionist! But I AM giving you these real life stories to show you that these individuals ALL used a means of tracking :) Whether it was through daily recordings of what they ate, weekly dates with the measuring tape or scale (I'm much more of a firm believer in the measuring tape by the way ;), scheduled meetings with a health/fitness coach or personal trainer, or even a fridge check-off calendar that is a constant reminder of keeping your butt in gear....the point is it has time and time again proven SUCCESSFUL!!!

So...here is my question: WHY NOT TRY THIS OUT?!?!

In all seriousness, what do you have to lose??? (Funny how that question is worded huh?! LOL!)

I cannot tell you how much I truly believe in YOU!!! And how much I want this change, this transformation, and this GREAT reward of LiFe that you will be not only giving yourself...but all of those who are in daily contact with you and your actions!

If I can help you in any way! Shoot me an email :)

"You can only achieve what you're willing to pursue....so let's pursue it together!"

Ali J.
Child of The ONLY GOD
Daughter of F1T MaMa
Sista to the BeSt
Lover of Health, Fitness, and Nutrition <3


  1. It's so great to read your writing, I can totally hear you saying this with all the passion in you. You were brought on this earth to help people. This post is so true!! Floating through the wind with not tracking mostly gets you nowhere. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anna BaNaNa!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words :) I miss you in my life!!!