Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jamie Eason's 12-Week Trainer Check-In...OVERDUE!!!

Hey all my fitness, nutrition, and exercise LoVeRs out there!!!

Again...it has been too long since I have taken the time to sit down and write. So sorry :( I'll just start out by updating you on my life and the changes. First, God is SOOO GOOD and He always knows what we need, where we should be, and ultimately what He is doing...so T-R-U-S-T Him! I prefaced with that, because when Michael and I moved to Knoxville back in December I was rather nervous, anxious, and confused on where my career opportunities were going to take me. I knew that I was going to continue to teach in the Exercise Science Department at Roane State Community College, but with that only being part-time I needed something else to invest in that would allow me to share my LOVE, PaSSioN, and FiRe for healthy living with others :) So, for 2 months I searched the job scene...even took a couple interviews...but ultimately was just not impressed or sold on the offerings. I also just kept having this feeling like God was going to reveal to me something so perfect for me and what I love to do...so I was patient. Then...randomly out of the blue one day, Michael and I were out for an exploratory drive through Knoxville and we stumbled upon this big nice building that read..."The Wellness Center". I was sooo curious, interested, and just wanted to know more! I jotted (when I say "jot" I really mean I typed it into my iPhone...lol :P) the info on the side of the building that said "Provision Health Alliance" and decided I would give it a good GaNdEr on the internet when we got home. A werek or so passed and I had completely forgotten about the place until I browsed through the notes section in my phone. DUHHH!!! Why had I not already looked into this silly?!?! I scavenged the website to find out that it had E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and then some when it came to what I was looking for in a company to put my own name on. Exercise, personal training, fitness classes, wellness coaching, nutrition classes/series, nutrition consults, and all backed by a team of individuals who shared credentials that SCREAMED "WE KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING!!!" From that moment forth it literally became my mission to become part of the Provision Health and Wellness team. So...around the 1st week of February I was given the job as a personal trainer, fitness class instructor, and wellness coach :) I am sooooo VERY THANKFUL that God had me sit tight and wait for what He truly had in store!!! I am gaining clientele every week, while also traveling with the company to do wellness coaching for other major companies employees that we are contracted with. I teach many bootcamp style classes including Pump, Xpress Fitness, and Core & More. I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH THE STAFF, OPPORTUNITY, and THE WHOLE SHABANG!!!

Now...onto what I really and truly began to write for in the 1st place. As I wrote back towards the end of January before all of this took place, I had intentions to start and complete Jamie Eason's 12-Week LiveFit Trainer Program. Well, this is where the honesty part KiCkS in.....I FAILED!!!! I did great the first 2 weeks and then I started training for my new job, taking on personal training clients, and traveling and I just BOMBED it :/ 

If you know us Brewer's (actually Gilmore now...lol) though, you know we DO NOT QUIT!!! I honestly think good ole' Ricker and Janner eliminated that word from our dictionary before we even knew how to talk ;) So almost 3 weeks ago I started AGAIN. Yes....you heard me right! I started AGAIN...as in that is an option when you fail. You just brush off the dirt, bandage up the scrapes and bruises, learn from your first HoOrAh and START AGAIN.

With that in mind, I cannot say enough about this program...it is STINKIN' AWESUM!!! So well structured, designed, and straight forward. And it's for GUYS or GIRLS!!! Seriously right now...just take a minute and look at Jamie Eason's photo album of LiveFit Trainer results. They are A-MAZING!!! I am seeing serious muscle growth in my own body just after 3 weeks. Definitely NOT trying to TooT my on horn...but I've even had several people at the wellness center tell me how totally FiT I am looking :) YAY!!! I only tell you this because I want you (if you decide to TaCkLe this) to know that it is working and just in the way she has designed it to. I can't tell you how much STRONGER I feel too! It's GrEaT! I am even basing an upcoming workout/fitness series at Provision on this same concept. I am happy to be the guinea pig though and ultimately be the poster child for what they can see happen in their own bodies and transformations (although I know we are all different ;).

And lastly...I decided that if I was going to be SERIOUS about this program, then I was going to truly dedicate myself to it and buy the recommended supplements by Jamie. They are a women's multivitamin, BCAA's (branched chain amino acids...great for muscle growth and repair), a healthy fats supplement (including omega 3's, EFA's, and CLA's), and MRM's brand of protein powder...which is all natural and hard to find the quality it upholds in protein powders nowadays. I promise to do a better job of checking back, posting progress photos, and giving more insight on some of the daily healthy and super appetizing recipes I am using :)


"You can only achieve what you're willing to pursue...so let's pursue it together!!!"

Ali J.
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  1. Baby Girl,you never bomb anything; YOU ARE THE BOMB! In your words, "Stinkin' Awesome!"

  2. "I get it from my Mama! I get it from my Mama ;)" I love you!!!