Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are you getting "FILLED" up???

So walking on the beach tonight I thought back to home, back to "normalcy", back to you guys, and back to where I was a year ago from now. I don't have a major transformation story to share with you guys...I have always been a LOVER of fitness, went to school and got my Bachelors and Masters in Exercise Science, have personal trained for several years now, and just encompassed my life in what I thought was "healthy". But the truth is...1 year ago from now I was 10 lbs heavier than I am now, not nearly as happy with myself, and ultimately neglecting the #1 thing when it comes to the SWEET RELFECTION that the mirror SmiLeS :) back at us with. What is it do you ask??? NUTRITION aka D-I-E-T!!! I cannot stress to each of you how this simple 4-letter word can either MAKE or totally BREAK you when it comes to achieving and reaching your goals! My biggest struggle by far is SWEETS...you will hear me say this time and time again. But it's sooo much more than just the sugary peanut butter chocolate ice cream concoctions that were my problem...that was what I turned to, but not the true culprit when it came to the crime. Like many of you I am an "eater by occassion"...meaning I'm XcItEd so let's celebrate with sweets, I'm bored let's get some ice-cream to make things happy, I'm sad well shah-oot reeses can fix that, and the list of emotions and reasons for my addiction could go on and on. It took some real soul searching in the past year...especially last fall as I planned to marry my best friend and the man who has seriously CHANGED my life <3 and I came to the conclusion that I was just running to these foods to fill some void that no one else had created but me. It wasn't some traumatic event that had happened in my life or a certain person or situation that sparked my "need", but a since of emptiness I had let creep into my own life while not realizing it and continually "filling" it with the wrong things. So what is my point in telling you this??? My point is to push you to sit back for a minute and really think about your current life, your day to day activities, your relationships, your needs...where do all of these stand? Are they robotic and stiff, lifeless and filled with monotony, shallow and lacking in real passion? If they are...why? What can YOU do to change that? How can you become "fuller" just by investing more in some of these things? Every day is another GIFT to be filled and...you know what??? For you to be someone else's "filler". So as you go into your weekends that are often ExpLoDinG with meaningless fillers, I want you to take at least 1 minute before you partake in any of these things and ask yourself this..."Why am I truly doing this? Eating this? Saying this? Acting this way?" And if you cannot honestly answer that question with an answer that will lead you down the road of prolonged fulfillment and satiety in more ways than one, I VoTe you step away and remove yourself from the situation or make a POSITIVE one out of what could have been a negative one :) As always I am here to share my heart, my thoughts, and my own personal journey with you <3 If you feel the need to share yours I would love to learn more! Have a GREAT FILLING WEEKEND!!! LoVe you guys and gals <3

Coach Allyson

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