Monday, August 8, 2011

CrEaTiViTy is the KEY...to Take that ViCtOrY!!!

This Blog is DEDICATED to my Mama <3

Hidey Ho Readers!!! It's MONDAY :) Instead of dreading it, hating it, or thinking of how much longer you have until the weekend...TAKE ADVANTAGE of this day/this time to make this week BETTER than the last! You are ultimately in control of Y-O-U...so put those excuses in your back pocket for when you really are in need of them and LET'S GO!!!

So with that said...my main reason for blogging today is to tell you to embrace your own CrEaTiViTy :) Whether that is in your workouts, exercise, cooking, choosing eats at the grocery store, or just in breaking up the monotony of your life...DO IT! So often we want to make excuses of why we don't exercise or eat right or have a positive attitude all for the fact of LaCk of VaRiAtiOn. Well snap out of it and be done-zo with the formal gym routine or traditional chicken and veggies and SpIcE things up!!!! YOU are in control of YOU remember?!?!?!

Ok...so you've been going to the gym for several months now and you seriously think you might have to SCREAM if you even have to say the word "treadmill" one more time! But...in the back of your mind you have the pre-conceived notion that the "treadmill" is the ONLY thing that is going to help you get this HORRIBLE weight off and get you back in shape! WRONG-O!!! Get inspired with an interval routine with a jump rope, buy Insanity and let Shaun T. kICk your tail into gear with sports-style drills and circuits, or take it outside and find a hill that you can RUN up and then walk back down before doing it again. The options are LIMITLESS really :) And thank the Good Lord Above for that! In reality, just putting your body in motion for a prolonged period of time is most certainly going to bUrN calories....YAY!!! So...Q-U-I-T with the "I'm bored with my old routine or I don't know what to do anymore!" Because you DO NOT have to have 1 single piece of equipment at all to get a KiLLeR workout right in the comfort of your own home, backyard, or any space really ;) And if you are struggling with this let's fix it. I'd be HaPpY to give you some pointers and support to help get you in the right direction...so click away right here if that's your scenario: http://www.tinyurl.com/freecoachallyson.

Very similar to exercise, I hear many folks with the best of intentions when it comes to exercising and physically exerting themselves...BUT...they fall completely face first when it comes to their DIET! And notice I said "diet"...because this is what you should be eating day in and day out....N-O-T something you go on occassionally to lose a few pounds for a special event. Our society/world has gotten so confused on this concept and we have no one to blame but OURSELVES!!! So...Q-U-I-T saying you're going on a "diet"....you might decide to become a little stricter on what you're eating each day, but your diet is what you consume day in and day out :)

So how can you JaZz this up??? Go to the grocery store with TRUE intentions to buy at least one new fruit, veggie, or lean protein that you haven't ever had before, search out a totally RaNdOm recipe on a healthy eats site or STEAL one of mine ;) , and last...get that awful pre-conceived notion that just because it is good for you that means it's going to taste awful!!! This is soooo not the case! I can say this 100% confidence, because I L-O-V-E FOOD <3 and the truth is I WILL NOT eat it unless I think it tastes good! So venture outside of your norm! Ask a friend on FB for their fave healthy recipe or what they do for quick and easy good for you snacks. And allow yourself the FREEDOM for eXpLoRaTiOn :) Have your husband, wife, mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son, granny, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew, or best friend be a part of your journey towards bettering your health too! You will all BENEFIT greatly from the experience that is grounded in a longer, healthier life and CrEaTe memories together that can and will be passed on to those that come after you :) It's such a WIN WIN situation!

So...in the theme of CrEaTiViTy, I did something today I've never done before and that's make SaLsA :) It turned out GREAT!!! And I am sooo thankful to my dear Mama for giving me a few tips and pointers this weekend! You all will hear me talk about her in almost EVERY SINGLE BLOG...she is the reason I am who I am and not a day will go by that I will not be SOOO THANKFUL for having her as my own!!!!I LoVeTh you Mama <3 This is for you!

This is approximations TOTALLY!!! I just through in here and there :)

- 5 Tomatoes
- 6 Big Stalks of Celery
- Cup of Frozen Corn
- 1/2 Cup Baby Carrots
- 3 Banana Peppers
- 1 Onion
- 1/2 Orange Bell Pepper

- A mix of sea salt, black pepper, basil, oregano, parsley, italian seasoning, and several Mrs. Dash seasonings

- 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
- 1 cup water
- 1/2 - 3/4 cup sugar

*** Put it all together in a pot on the stove and cook on medium heat for an hour or so. Then allow to cool for a bit and then put in fridge for several hours to let it get cold :) This is how I LOVE IT <3

                                                    EASY SMEEZY GOOD!!!!!!

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